To our dearest clientele,

Luna de Plata has been always taking care of our wild environment using biodegradable products, some of them are fully organic, to ensure safety use for the people who use them for cleaning practices as well for those who enjoy the room and keep breathing them.

We have aligned to EPA guidelines to offer best quality formulas for disinfection and sanitation.

We all are accountable for our well being, therefore we share some of our current practices, we invite you to join us at your arrival!

*your luggage will be sprayed with a solution. It shall remain 10’’ in order to get effect to kill bacteria, germs and viruses.

*while this occurs you’ll be invited to wash your hands  to start your registration.

*we’ll offer a disinfectant towel to receive your key and remotes, from that moment, only you will touch them.

*linens and towels will be changed on the 3rd day, please make sure to hang them and reuse as much as you can.

*food is prepared with care and strict safety measures by people who are tested on a daily basis. Dirty/touched dishes back in the kitchen are placed in an area apart from the regular preparation.

*make sure to follow the protocols guided by authorities; when coughing and sneezing  cover with your arm always.

*public areas are continuously sanitized for your peace of mind. We appreciate your cooperation if the attention delays due to this regard.

*a used room is cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis, after a check out , is only given after 24hrs .

*only people on your check in will be admitted in your room.

* A/C system is individual in every room, then is cleaned after check out.

*Our own reservation system is pretty flexible, you may reschedule free of extra cost for your original reservation 18 month forward. Start dreaming your vacations ahead! *Subject to availability and seasons rate adjustment.

* we suggest downloading the QRoo government travelers App for further safety measures.